Under My Skin

AchillesTruth is, there is something about the “activist” that I find revolting.  Yes, yes, yes, groan all you want, but if you are over 30 and have an analytical bent, you are feeling the same way, so stuff it. Brash, self-involved, myopic, inexperienced, narrow-minded little tweaks are purportedly the saviors of our planet. Well, maybe they will be when they grow up, but for now they are too loud, too fast, and too clever by half.

My goodness, when did I become a cranky old shit? Is it me? Pedant, troll, troublemaker — am I really so clueless that I should just quickly drown myself in my dyspeptic fears of mindless violence and have done with it? Sorry to disappoint, but not this week.

No, the truth, such as might be, is that the young are immortal today.  The downside of that is tomorrow the sun rises early.

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