“Whose woods these are…”

Most of us are familiar with Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, the opening phrase of which serves as the title for this ramble,  but we push on, as would Frost’s little horse.  But the phrase gave me pause this morning as I strolled in the woods I am privileged to live by.

I confess it now, that I spend so much time in those woods that I will often commit the sin of being tethered in a park; mea culpa, but so it was that as Freddy and I came upon a Cow Moose and this year’s progeny, the phone rang.  I took a moment to advise my caller, who was calling from “the contiguous 48”  (once upon a time I had a vehicle repossessed because the lienholder believed I had removed the vehicle from the United States) that I had to get situated where I could keep an eye on my friends before I could discuss our business. RussianJackSpring

Business concluded, I waved farewell to madonna and child and wandered home, only then being struck (admittedly not for the first time) with how fantastically privileged I am to be able to live by a wooded place with a natural spring and wildlife, that I took it for granted that I shared my space with a half ton wild mammal and other species.

I have these pleasures because I am a member of a collective which when asked, Whose woods are these?”, can respond, “Ours.”

And yet that collective has all but destroyed those places, that aesthetic.

Those persons we have selected as Trustees of those precious gifts have run roughshod over these places. They have cut down the trees in the name of public safety and sport, and neglected what needs assistance in the name of cash and convenience.  We have turned ourselves over to the ubiquitous “user group” with the inevitable “partnership agreement.” Why were the soccer goals in the community park removed that had stood there for 20 years? No User Group Partnership Agreement.

This is symptomatic of possessive narcissism, if it is not developed and under contract it has no value and is on the market: first come first served. I have to admit that what has kept me going through this political season is the fact that Dan Sullivan is done.

The Anti-Rogue

Dan Sullivan is now bragging that he is  endorsed by Condi Rice

It was an honor to work with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the State Department to combat terrorism and keep America safe, and I’m so grateful for her support. Secretary Rice appears in my new ad “Challenging Times” and describes our work together and the stakes of this election. Watch the ad here on Facebook and chip in $10 to help keep the ad running! http://bit.ly/1wN7J35

Condi Rice (arguably a co-architect of Mission Accomplished:Iraq.)  is widely known for her support for the invasion of Iraq and for her endorsement of enhanced interrogation techniques (otherwise known as waterboarding, or torture.)

I observed to Dan, “Interesting claim, but it would seem that the policies you pursued increased and spread terrorism and made the U.S. and much of the rest of the world much less safe. What data are your claims based on?”

He responded, “I worked to defund terrorist networks and encourage divestment from rogue states.” While this sounds really swell, it’s a statement not only apparently missing from the strategy adopted by President Bush (http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/63562.pdf), it is also alarmingly vague (which is my way of suggesting that it sounds very much like the current Administration’s policy, which contrary to that of Bush, is intended to avoid use of military action.) The Bush Administration was neither vague nor apologetic about their advocacy of pre-emptive strikes.

National security experts note the U.S. strategy for dealing with rogue regimes changed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. In a June 2002 speech at West Point, President Bush said: “containment is not possible when unbalanced dictators with weapons of mass destruction can deliver those weapons on missiles or secretly provide them to terrorist allies.” The Bush administration’s National Security Strategy, issued in September 2002, asserted the need for preemptive strikes against states or entities intent on terrorism. This language “reflected the view that the bad behavior of these regimes was inextricably linked to their character,” says the Wilson Center’s Litwak. “Hence, a change of conduct or behavior would be inadequate because the behavior derived from the regime’s character. Therefore, you had to change the regime to end the behavior.”    http://www.nytimes.com/cfr/world/slot1_20080602.html

While Condi is “on board” with Dan (‘he served as a…  Marine!’), Condi says nothing about the relative qualities of Dan vs Mark, so we are left to assume that she supports Dan because he is a true-believer: he endorses torture, pre-emptive unilateral regime change, and all the other policies Condi promoted during her tenure as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.

“But wait!” you might blurt out. “What about that stand-up guy in the Bush Administration, Colin Powell? ”  No, Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 4.18.45 PMthe top military official of the Bush Administration is no where to be seen.  Hmmmph…..

The constant repetition of military themes in Sullivan’s campaign herald his hawkish and militant approach to most everything, and his rhetoric regarding the current Administration suggests that as a US Senator he would promote  war. He would push a war on woman, a war on drugs, a war on health care, a war on regulation of business AND hot wars around the world where US sons and daughters would die to accomplish some end that has yet to be defined, but are intended to demonstrate that, yes, the US can kill people and blow stuff up if that’s what it takes to satisfy US corporate demands. Yousa!  Exciting stuff!

But I suppose for Alaskans, the real crux is that he claims to be Alaskan because he married Jane Fate’s daughter (at least that’s what Jane’s daughter claimed when SHE showed up instead of Dan in Bethel. ) Frankly, I think he should run for Senate from a State that is more prudish, bigoted, hypocritical, and misogynist, than Alaska (North Carolina comes to mind.) Be a better match,  no matter that Julie ‘stands by her man…’

Shannyn Moore and Gang Go “Lord of the Flies”

This is what passes for adult discussion on Facebook by the “left” in Alaska.  Unfortunately,  Facebook often shows posts out of the actual time order, but I have done my best to offer what Facebook provides. And the thread lives on; those of you addicted to Facebook can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/shannyn.moore/posts/10152376543178021?comment_id=10152376598923021. The most illuminating comment?  Perhaps the one that goes something like, “This is Shannyn’s wall and she can say whatever she wants on it….”

For those of you not familiar with the underlying issue, though the Alaska District Court almost spanked the State of Alaska in his decision (http://alaskapolicy.net/PublicRecords/HambyOrder.pdf), the Governor sought a stay there (http://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/content/view.php?pk_id=0000000767), and when it was denied he sought a stay in the 9th Circuit, which afforded him two days to seek a stay before the Supreme Court (http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles\14a413.htm). of the actions of an attorney with respect to requesting a stay for his client. Kyle Duncan is the name of the attorney retained by the State of Alaska to appear before the Supreme Court. And it is Kyle Duncan, whatever his personal affairs may be, that this crowd is attacking, over his professional obligations, which suggests that this group should likely revisit their high school civics class.

If you stayed awake during History class you may remember that John Adams famously agreed to undertake the defense of the soldiers charged in what became known as the Boston Massacre.

Jack Balkin pointed out some aspects of Hobby Lobby missed by most (http://balkin.blogspot.com/2014/02/compendium-of-posts-on-hobby-lobby-and.html) as did Andrew Koppelman (http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118488/hobby-lobby-decision-was-victory-womens-rights).

I am not a paid troll.  Whether I am simple and stupid?  Well I suppose that is for you to decide 😉


This is the asshat Parnell hired to represent Alaska against marriage equality. The douche from Hobby Lobby. Because “religious liberty” means you should be free to practice Parnell’s religion. Our tax payer dollars hard at bigotry. http://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/people/kyle-duncan

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  • Linda Scates Are you kidding me? I don’t know if I believe in God or not, but I’m praying that Parnell will be gone after November.
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  • Merwyn Ambrose Does calling an attorney a douche make you feel better? John Adams is rolling in his grave….
  • Rick Brooks John Adams was one of those trying to keep religion out of our politics.
    8 hrs · Like · 4
  • Merwyn Ambrose John Adams understood that the law works because even the most heinous individual and most onerous issues are to be heard in our courts and it is counsel’s job to make that happens
  • Jennifer Pastrick He spends taxpayer money on his own convictions – somehow that just don’t seem right.
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  • Merwyn Ambrose You want to suggest Parnell is an ineffectual governor, knock yourself out! Castigating counsel for meeting their oaths is simply juvenile
  • Rick Brooks Kyle Duncan is not on trial, so your assertion is irrelevant. This is about the law itself and how our governor is trying to insert his religious beliefs into it.
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  • Merwyn Ambrose My assertion is relevant because Shannon attacked counsel
  • Jennifer Pastrick ^attack is a strong word. Voicing her opinion in less than glowing terms would seem more appropriate. Lighten up Merwyn – life is short.
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  • Shannyn Moore Merwyn is a troll.
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  • Rick Brooks Our governor is using the government (counsel) to insert his religious beliefs into the law.
  • Merwyn Ambrose Oh, then you won’t mind me calling you an asshat and a douche
  • Rick Brooks Well … that proves it.
  • Jennifer Pastrick well of course. But the trolls in Monty Python were just for show also yet so entertaining. Not relevant – kinda like bad clowns.
  • Merwyn Ambrose And calling someone a troll because they note when you overreach yourself is quite the cyber bully tactic
  • Shannyn Moore If the governor reacted half as fast to raped women in the ANG as he has to gay marriage – also known as marriage – then less women would be raped.
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  • Shannyn Moore The stupid is strong with you Merwyn.
  • Merwyn Ambrose Yes, but note that you did not have to denigrate counsel to say that, did you
  • Merwyn Ambrose Want to swap personal insults now-very grown up of you
  • Rick Brooks time to block
  • Jennifer Pastrick Boy just wants to have fun f^cking with everyone. by counsel you mean attorney … and they are the most denigrated of all professions… I am sure they have been called worse. Shhh now Merwyn the adults are talking.
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  • Shannyn Moore So you are the defender of asshat council?
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  • Merwyn Ambrose Let’s recap — you thinks it’s ok to call attorneys names because, after all, they are attorneys? Yes indeed…
  • Tom Baxter I am all for “religious liberties.” Until they interfere with my or others civil rights. If your a bigot or a racist you can not hide behind
    “religious liberties.” If your a homophobic again religious rights or liberties can not allow you to be so. Whe
    re are my liberties when you shove your faith no matter what faith it is down my throat, or tell me I have to live up to your pie in the sky religious morals? Just because your worship the invisible man in the sky does not mean I have to step up to your misguided standards!!!!!
  • Suzanne Little Merwyn – stop. Just stop.
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  • Shannyn Moore Why don’t I block more asshats? Really?
  • Jennifer Pastrick oh come on they’re fun … kinda like a cat playing with a dead mouse.
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  • Merwyn Ambrose I am pointing out that castigating counsel for doing his job his juvenile
  • Jennifer Pastrick and you made your point
  • Jennifer Pastrick may we move on?
  • Shannyn Moore I love some attorneys. I don’t have a law degree but I dated a few and could win arguments. Asshat is a great term and I stand by it.
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  • Shannyn Moore I was casting judgement on the state of Alaska hiring said asshat.
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  • Jennifer Pastrick The only reason Hobby Lobby a$$hat won in the SCOTUS ruling was due to right wing activist judges … (stand back) (Merwyn’s head explodes) in three two one…
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  • Merwyn Ambrose Actually you might try reading Balkin’s blog on that
  • Shannyn Moore Merwyn, go away. You’re simple and I grow weary of stupid.
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  • Ruth Macdonald he’s getting paid to troll,,,,
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  • Jennifer Pastrick How do I get a part time job like that?
  • Linda Scates Merwyn, under a different name, is a lawyer, I believe, which may explain his touchiness. Still, I think this lawyer that Parnell has hired is probably of the uber religious persuasion, judging from the bio.
  • Arne N Sundt My, that was productive. There is always the if you dont like something on someone elses wall, stfu and move on.
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  • Merwyn Ambrose Excuse me? I’m stupid and simple, lol? And a paid troll? Bravo! My apologies for suggesting your youthful enthusiasm was getting the better of you. Carry on I won’t bother you again
  • Shannyn Moore Oh look, a moment to be thankful.
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  • Vicki Lee Evans Ok. I’ll say it.

    Merwyn, you soggy sack of dicks – SHUT UP.

    YES. We get it. The lawyer is doing his job. But he advertises his abject hatred/intolerance for the LGBTQ community, as in “Hey, all you intolerant douchecanoes – if you’re looking to stamp out equality, hire ME! I/we may be on the losing end of an uphill battle, but I’ll sure as hell take your money in the meantime!”
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  • Steven J Heimel The ranks of these zealots are growing thin. The ones that can actually do things, that is, and not just follow others.
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  • Merwyn Ambrose

Sean Parnell: Sticking It To Alaskan Employees

Things about Sean Parnell’s Administration that you may not have been aware of….

Some Alaska Workers Comp insurers refuse to preauthorize medical services after a claim has been accepted. This results in medical providers refusing to provide services and is termed controversion-in-fact. In other words, while purporting to have accepted the claim, the insurer/employer is in fact intimidating medical providers into not providing services for fear that the bills will not be paid.


Henson, Jim. Labyrinth. Adventure, Fantasy, 1986.

This practice has been the subject of numerous cases and most recently the Alaska Supreme Court has essentially confirmed the position of the AWCB that this practice is unlawful and amounts to a controversion because payments for medical services are essentially payable under Alaska law at the time the services are prescribed. Nevertheless, the Liberty companies have continued to engage in these practices.

The worst bit is that faced with the fact that Liberty companies are simply thumbing their noses at Alaska, the Division of Insurance has knowingly determined to take no action with respect to this conduct.  Yes, that’s correct.  Insurers are intentionally engaged in conduct that you or I would regard as fraudulent, and Parnell’s administration won’t do anything about it.

A tip o’ the hat to the folk at the AWCB who continue to insist that the provisions of the Act be applied fairly across the Board – it has to be disconcerting to realize that your employment may be at risk because you are in fact doing what your job requires you to do, because an administration is sabotaging the very laws it is obliged to uphold.

If you are an employer, I recommend that you immediately contact your Workers Comp carrier and demand that they amend their  policy to include a provision that requires prompt preauthorization absent controversion, and if you are an employee, know that you or your medical provider should file a Claim Form with Workers Comp demanding preauthorization and payment for services immediately on determination of a course of treatment.

Yes, the provider can use the Claim Form to obtain preauthorization.


 JONATHAN BOCKUS, Employee, Claimant, v. FIRST STUDENT SERVICES, Employer, and SEGDWICK CMS, INC., Adjuster, Defendants. AWCB Decision No. 14-00400 AWCB No. 201302957 Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board  March 24, 2014 FINAL DECISION AND ORDER

RICHARD G. KAMITCHIS, Employee, Claimant, v. SWAN EMPLOYER SERVICES, Employer, and LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Insurer, Defendants. AWCB Decision No. 14-0039 AWCB No. 201203798
Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board March 24, 2014 FINAL DECISION AND ORDER

WILLARD HARRIS, Appellant and Cross-Appellee, v. M-K RIVERS and ACE INDEMNITY INSURANCE COMPANY, Appellees and Cross-Appellants. Nos. S-14254, S-14262 Supreme Court of Alaska March 14, 2014