Lachrymose Limericks – Melancholy in Five Lines and Two Rhymes

Prompted by my friend Mary’s limwrick’d thoughts on Siegfried’s fragility (like Achille’s heel, absurd in and of itself), I thought of Adam’s Marvin and Milne’s Eeyore sitting at the fire, under the stars, opining in verse lachrymose on their fate…  It is not a pretty sight, risible as it might be.

Lachrymose isn’t a sweet,
Nor does it come from a teat,
It comes of a blight,
Which results in a plight,
As can be seen in my life’s receipt.

Doomed said the witch to the pot,
Doomed said the king to the sot,
What’s in a name,
Is ever the same,
It’s why Abe, John and Martin got shot.

Sisyphus murdered his guests,
He saw them as no more than pests,
While Camus saw his fate,
As absurdly first rate,
No one came to the fellow’s inquest.

Sad though you think I may be,
I am sure that you don’t really see,
That your salty tears,
And implacable fears,
Are the thinnest reflection of me.


– so it begins –

One comment on “Lachrymose Limericks – Melancholy in Five Lines and Two Rhymes

  1. Mary Thygesen says:

    Mary’s limwrick’d thought:

    Imagine poor Siegfried’s despair
    A stray leaf, well, it laid him quite bare.
    Fragility on show
    Strikes such a blow
    And we vanish into thin air.

    My response to your invitation to contribute additional lachrymosity on what was a lovely Spring evening:

    My stocks scent this evening, you see
    So my verses contented they be.
    But ask me tomorrow
    When I’m sure to find sorrow
    And I’ll happily share it with thee.

    And Merwyn, your “thinnest reflection of me” in response to my initial offering was very kind.

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