Join Me In Primarying the President in 2020

I wrote this in response to a comment a friend posted to social media, singing the praise of Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately it attracted some hillbot trolls who could not distinguish between a Trump voter and a non-Trump voter (woe is us) so I thought I would share this here.

The political ranking systems so many point to so as to claim that HRC is “as liberal as Bernie” are dubious at best and any analysis of voting records is notoriously misleading. But in the hurbly burly business of politics, HRC has been knee deep in DLC neoliberalism, which extends to some degree to the realpolitik of the New American Century “American Exceptionalists”. There is ample reason to see her married to the indictments in “Listen, Liberal” — in no small part because she is in fact still married to him, lol….

That all being said, whether or not she would be a high handed autocrat she has some sense of what it takes to run the Office of the President, while Trump is a narcissistic blow-hard, and Stein, well, Stein is just an opportunist. If you want revolution, follow Mimi’s call, but short of that there is only one candidate competent to hold the office in question. [Yes, I AM referring to HRC.]

Don’t like LEV [I guess I should spell this out too: Lesser Evilism Voting] ? Well, go find another planet because in a very real sense that is all politics is about: making compromises — going along with something you may not agree with because the folk next to you are doing the same for you. And THAT, all you loud mouth morons, is what the US Constitution was about, giving a little to get a little.

And nmimi-angela-comico, I am not a hillbot hurling nonsense at the Green campaign… the Greens have made adequate fools of themselves – they NEED no help. Nor am I convinced that HRC is “Good for America”, and I intend to invest money in seeing HRC primaried in 2020, a primary I hope she loses badly because she continues (as she has done since the convention) to blow off the concerns of most Americans.

We have a country filled with people who have room in their heads for three sound bites, and care only for the silver bullet that some talking head promised. We must put ideas of shining paths behind us and instead tread the middle way, though everyone (and your Mother) are screaming “my way or the highway” or “me. mine, more!”

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