A Zotpress Plugin Test

This is simply a quick post to demonstrate the use of the Zotpress Plugin by Katie Seaborn (https://wordpress.org/plugins/zotpress/). To date, I have mostly used the Easy Footnote Plugin by Jason Yingling as it is one of the first (there are quite a few available now as you can see here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/Easy+Footnote/), and still works very admirably and is really very Easy…

Here we have simply an arbitrary cite from my Zotero Library. And here is another. . The bibliography feature is used to provide the footnotes below.

There are some issues to be noted in that footnotes are clearly NOT the same as a bibliography, and when I first started trying to use the Zotpress Plugin a year ago this presented some problems.  Katie has made some recent additions that allow one to manage both, but I can’t confirm that I have worked through all the issues.  Feel free to comment if you have any experience in this respect.

Knapp, G., Berman, M., & Guettabi, M. (2016). Shortrun Economic Impacts Of Alaska Fiscal Options (https://iseralaska.org/publication/?id=1603; No. 1603; p. 96). Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage; https://iseralaska.org/publications/. https://pubs.iseralaska.org/media/aabf43aa-c8f8-4cea-b529-f5d9a3518928/2016_03_30-ShortrunEconomicImpactsOfAlaskaFiscalOptions.pdf Cite
Cornell, S., & DeDino, N. (2004). Well Regulated Right: The Early American Origins of Gun Control, A. Fordham Law Review, 73, 487. http://heinonline.org/HOL/Page?handle=hein.journals/flr73&id=503&div=&collection= Cite

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